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Snowcat snowboarding in Priiskovoe

Priiskovoe is a small village on the North of the Kuznetskiy Alatau range. The village is situated at 800 meters altitude, surrounded by mountains 1500-1700 meters high. For many years this village was a place of gold mines, and gold rush stopped only in 1996. Miners left the system of roads in the mountains, which appears pretty useful for snowcats. Also, this region is the first to meet the cold Arctic air mass, which brings snow to Siberia. When other parts of Kuznetskiy Alatau range are still warm and rainy, Priiskovoe, due to its specific location, is already cold and covered with snow. The winter starts in September, and in some years the skiing season starts in the end of October; by November powder is 100% guaranteed.

Today we invite you to visit this hidden corner of Siberia and get you portion of Siberian wealth. No, not a gold, but something more valuable - powder!

Dates and Prices

Private guiding only


Cold siberian powder, a special treat

snowcat comfort

A nice and relaxed way back up the mountain, to do another run!

the middle of nowhere

The thrill of boarding in a far away place


- 5 days guiding by UIAGM guide: Lars vanhaelewyck

- Shovel, probe, transceiver and harness.

- Instruction: on how to use all the above, and in avalanche awareness

Not Included

- Ski pass

- Accommodation

- Transport.

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