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Kamchatka heli trip

Kamchatka: a truly unique place on our planet...Boarding on high, active volcanos, endless untracked powder, riding right down to the beach of the Pacific Ocean. more then 2000 vertical meters descents.

 Best value for money for big heli boarding in the world in my opinion.

Dates and Prices

Private guiding only


Riding in the actual crater in between the smoke and fumes: only in Kamchatka!

pacific ocean

Getting dropped on a summit right above the sea and riding all the way to the beach

big descents

Up to 2000m descents makes for very big daily vertical meters


- 5 days guiding by UIAGM guide: Lars vanhaelewyck 

- Shovel, probe, transceiver and harness.

- Instruction: on how to use all the above, and in avalanche awareness

Not Included

- Ski pass

- Accommodation

- Transport.

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